Financial Outlook For The Week Of September 26-30

Learn about the Weekly Financial and Economic Outlook for September 26-30, developed by the Casa de Bolsa Finmex analysis team. In Mexico, the reference rate will be published

In the United States, data will be released on durable goods orders, conference board consumer confidence, new home sales, mortgage applications, initial jobless claims, GDP, personal income, personal expenses and economic sentiment (U. Mich.).

The August Durable Goods Order, September Conference Board Consumer Confidence Data and August New Home Sales will be released on Tuesday the 27th. On Wednesday, 28 mortgage applications will be issued through September 23.

On Thursday 29, preliminary unemployment claims for the week ending September 24 and GDP data for the second quarter of 2022 will be published. On Friday the 30th, personal income and personal expenditure data and economic sentiment (U) for August. Mitch.) for Sept.

In Mexico, the reference rate will be published. On Thursday, September 29, the reference rate will be announced by September 29. In the remaining markets, the IFO will be published in Business Confidence and Inflation in Germany, the Nationwide House Price Index and GDP, in the United Kingdom, as well as inflation in France.

The IFO Business Confidence for September in Germany will be released on Monday the 26th. The nationwide house price index for September in the United Kingdom will be published on Wednesday 28. Inflation figures for September will be released in Germany on Thursday 29th. On Friday 30th, second quarter GDP figures for the United Kingdom and September inflation data in France will be released.

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