Scoopity Poops handles crappy job – The Sun-Gazette Newspaper

Megan said they are in the process of trying to get involved with parks and recreation in surrounding cities to possibly help keep the pet waste stations up and running in parks. This would mean Scoopity Poops would keep the waste stations stocked with bags as well as dispose of the dog waste. Additionally, Scoopity Poops would like to help with local dog parks. Not only would they help with basic clean up, but Megan said they would also want to provide a weekly or twice a week maintenance service in addition to sanitizing and deodorizing services. 

“We would be able to come out and spray a chemical out there that’s safe for the grass, safe for the dogs, safe for humans,” Megan said. “That would help keep some of the canine diseases from popping up, I know Parvo is really big in this area and feline diseases as well.”

As for the name, it began as a joke according to Megan, but it stuck and the rest is history. 

“It was an inside joke about some lyrics from a song,” Megan said. “When we were brainstorming for a good name for the business it came back up and we laughed about it and then decided to run with it. Everyone loves the name, so I guess it was a good idea.”

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