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Police and hospital staff are giving an update following a horror bus and truck crash north-west of Melbourne in the early hours of the morning that led to 33 people, including 27 schoolgirls, being taken to hospital.

Acting Superintendent Jason Templar has used the media briefing to remind drivers that police will be beginning Operation Scoreboard tonight, in which they will crack down on drivers over this coming long weekend.

“You will see police everywhere on our major roads,” he said.

Ballarat Health Services CEO Dale Fraser said a Code Brown had been enacted at the hospital at about 7am due to the number of patients arriving at the hospital from the bus crash.

He said 16 patients from the crash attended the hospital, requiring a call-out for more staff to come on board.

He said the Code Brown was stood down by 2pm, when only five patients from the crash were still at the hospital.

“They are all in a stable condition, we do expect further discharges today,” he said.

Fraser said the outcome of the crash had been helped by safety precautions.

“We were very lucky here with seatbelts.”

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