Concave Finance launches to the public on 31st March 2022

The fastest growing community in the Decentralized Finance space

NEW YORK, March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the Decentralized Finance space, Concave is a community-driven, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that aims to bring value to investors through the development of innovative DeFi products and active treasury management. At launch, Concave will introduce several novel solutions to grow its treasury whilst ensuring long-term investors receive the highest returns.

Concave Finance launches to the public on 31st March 22, the most sought after Decentralized Finance launch of 2022. (PRNewsfoto/Concave Marketing)

Concave Finance launches to the public on 31st March 22, the most sought after Decentralized Finance launch of 2022. (PRNewsfoto/Concave Marketing)


Concave places huge emphasis on its community. We are dedicated to forging a positive community space with members who constantly build up one another through the shared goal of driving Concave to greater heights. Each miner’s (term used for their community) effort represents the heartbeat of Concave; without it Concave would not exist.


THE SPOON – Unlike legacy bonding models where treasury growth via bonding is prioritized leading to the dilution of stakers, Concave is structured from scratch with both sides taken into consideration, creating a win-win solution for Bonders and Stakers. This balance is achieved by focusing on delivering value to long-term stakers via Bonding and Liquid Staking Mechanisms with anti-dilutive rewards.


1. Bonding Mechanics

Through an off-chain bonding optimization algorithm, the Concave protocol is able to maximize the value of the Treasury with respect to supply, as opposed to the more widely utilized model (e.g. the legacy bonding model) where focus is placed on maximizing supply with respect to Treasury. In short, through the Concave protocol, maximum returns are ensured for staked investors!

2. Liquid Staking Mechanics

Nothing is free in this world; Under most protocols so far, stakers are diluted in favor of bonders. However, Concave’s Protocol solves this imbalance by introducing liquid staking and a cap on the amount of stakers that can enter the longest-term positions (12 months). The problem is solved by splitting stakeholders into different categories, each with its own differentiated rewards. This way, instead of penalizing all stakeholders, the Concave model discourages short-term stakeholders with dilution, rewards long-term stakeholders with non-dilution, whilst attracting bond revenue simultaneously!


Under the Concave Model, returns can manifest in several forms.

1. Non / Anti-Dilutive Emissions

Upon staking, every staker receives an immediate compounded real-time reward redeemable at the end of the users’ staking term where the staker with the longest liquid staking position will never be diluted, controlled for by placing a limit on non-dilutive positions and minimum price on bonds.

2. Long-Term Emissions

Staking positions will receive a boost on rewards in accordance to the term length. The longest liquid staking position will receive the highest return whilst the shorter term liquid stakers will receive the lowest.

3. Backing

Any excess rewards (unminted) are controlled by an excess reward rate variable, ensuring greater control on price stability and increased treasury backing per Concave (CNV) token.

4. Treasury Dividend

Concave actively manages and invests its treasury along a number of investment strategies and product lines, distributing returns to stakeholders in the form of dividends at predefined intervals. This amount is based on their staking term.


A secondary marketplace will be made available for all investors where users can trade their individual liquid staking positions (token holders will receive an NFT that represents their liquid staking positions upon activation). This incentivizes investors to enter the most beneficial positions for long-term price stability and protocol health from the get-go while also ensuring additional revenue streams for all participants.


Concave dedicates continuous innovation in treasury management strategies to exploit any inefficiencies within the market for the benefit of their stakers. Our strategies can be broken down into 3 key portfolios:

Investment Research: Concave possesses a unique ability to source alpha using a 5-pronged approach. In short, these approaches include automated “machines” and traditional investment research strategies to engage with notable “thought leaders and crypto personalities” all in place to ensure optimized investment tips for our portfolio managers.

Delta Neutral Portfolio: Concave’s delta neutral machine generates yield whilst automatically balancing exposure to price volatility in an underlying asset, utilizing multiple positions to reduce directional risk related to price movements. This machine will be deployed across various DeFi protocols.

Stable Farm Portfolio: The stable farm portfolio is set up to ensure yield is generated on stable treasury assets within various market conditions. Through a partnership with Coindix, whitelisted stable farms are continuously monitored through an active data pipeline to ensure additional returns can be generated across all stable farm investments.

In the current climate where DeFi ecosystems are growing rapidly abundant, we would like you to think of Concave as a swiss army knife – versatile, convenient, and effective, the protocol itself brands the methodology as the “Magic Number Machine”. Designed to capture sustainable long-term and navigate through all market conditions, Concave is here to stay.

Launch Date: 31st March 2022

Token site:

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Concave Marketing


Marketing personnel’s Discord ID: BENTJ8w7#3763, Jman#0069, Nate The Noble#3017

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Concave is a community funded co-operative which strives to manage your exposure to decentralized finance, seizing its upsides whilst efficiently managing risks through the power of its community. Concave possesses a focused goal of becoming one of the biggest communities in the DeFi ecosystem. The community represents the heartbeat of Concave, and we are enthusiastic about bridging the gap between our core team and community and leveraging on our collective strengths and experiences to craft innovative USPs for our protocol to accrue value back to every single token holder.



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