GCNT presents SDGs Mega Trends 2022: New trends for private sectors to transform business

GCNT presents SDGs Mega Trends 2022: New trends for private sectors to transform business and tackle climate change

Thailand’s largest sustainability network, Global Compact Network Thailand (GCNT), has published the “SDGs Mega Trends 2022” report as a sustainable development framework focusing on transformation for protection and solutions to climate changes, vital for businesses to start reformation.

GCNT Chairperson, Suphachai Chearavanont, revealed: “SDGs Mega Trends 2022, hosted by GCNT for the third consecutive year, is focusing on climate change prevention and resolution. The crisis faced by everyone, and we must address it together, particularly the influential private sector. Corporation leaders are the most significant figures to establish and direct business goals in compliance with these challenges.” 

This year, SDGs Mega Trends unveiled a UN Global Compact study of 1,232 CEOs, in 21 industrial sectors from 113 countries regarding their perspectives on tackling climate change. The survey, including exclusive interviews with six CEOs from Thailand’s six leading business organisations, reveals their vision for the reduction of CO2 emissions and focus on other environmental problems. The action on Net Zero Coalition is based on scientific data, fundamental for new sustainable solutions and can be applied to value chains, as well as concrete policy, strategy and operational plans which can be taken into practice by any organisation. 

“By building awareness through SDGs Mega Trends, we expect to stimulate and promote tangible prevention and resolutions across industries. The operations framework, includes the government’s Bio-Circular-Green Economic Model, Green Economy, Nature-based Biodiversity Solutions, Innovative and Technology Development, particularly clean energy, human rights and commitment to reduce the social gap.”    

SDGs Mega Trends 2022 includes:

  • Business Model Transition: Revision and transformation from traditional methods to green businesses or establishment of alternative business models for sustainability to increase value and reduce negative impacts on the environment, with chain value improvement. By implementing innovative development on basic infrastructure, organisations are prompted to handle changes and transition into sustainable industries that responds to future lifestyle trends and commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Green Innovation: Investment in innovative green technology and clean energy can be applied throughout the value chain, such as increasing the proportion of alternative energies with lower CO2 and pollutants, adjusting strategies in production and services and reducing negative effects of the value chain on the environment. 
  • Circular Economy: Circular Economy promotion to build sustainability throughout the production chain with technology used to create value as well as cultivating available resources for maximum efficiency throughout product life cycle. 
  • Nature-based Solutions : Biodiversity recovery and resilience through nature-based solutions, including forestation to help reduce carbon dioxide, enabling stability for humans and animals, restoring green abundance and preserving biodiversity. 
  • Human Rights: Respect for human rights and equality as well as reducing gaps in access to resources. Protect vulnerable groups prone to risks caused by ‘Just Transition’ trends involving farmers’ standards of living, upstream industries, SMEs, career support for vulnerable groups, social welfare, and new skills training for the workforce. 

The exclusive interviews include six CEOs of GCNT members with the vision to tackle climate change for business enhancement, namely, PTT Public Company Limited (Energy Transformation), Bangchak Corporation (Green Energy Balance on Business), The Creagy (Net Zero Economy), Charoen Pokphand Foods or CPF (Kitchen of the World), Mitr Phol Group (Dynamic new business) and Indorama Ventures (Circular Economy).  

To learn more, visit ‘SDGs Mega Trends 2022’ at globalcompact-th.com/sdgs/megatrends/2022  and discover new trends and sustainability advice at Global Compact Network Thailand at www.globalcompact-th.com

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