Huntsville tech company planning $5 million expansion, adding 100 jobs

Geeks and Nerds – at least in Huntsville — are cool, successful and prosperous.

The Huntsville company that started with one employee and now has a sign outside its south Huntsville facility recognizable for the funny eyeglasses is launching a major expansion and will more than double its workforce.

Geeks and Nerds, also known as GaN, is planning a $5 million facility in Cummings Research Park and to create at least 100 new high-paying jobs.

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The project will go before the Huntsville city council Thursday for approval of a project development agreement between GaN and the city.

If approved, the city will, through the Industrial Development Board, cancel all non-school taxes for GaN for 10 years. The abatement will not include road and bridge taxes administered by the Madison County Commission, the development agreement said.

GaN is also expected to relocate to downtown Huntsville during the two-year construction process and the city will provide cost-free 25 parking spaces in the Monroe Street parking deck.

And the city will reimburse GaN up to $350,000 for construction charges related to “initial supplying or expansion of water, gas, electric and sewer services” to the new facility in Cummings Research Park.

The incentives were offered, according to the agreement, to keep GaN in Huntsville as it looked for an expansion location.

GaN, under the agreement, is obligated to begin construction by March 23, 2023, and begin operations in the new facility by June 30, 2024. A capital investment of at least $5.3 million is also required.

The 100 new jobs will add to the 93 already employed by GaN. Under the agreement, each of the new jobs requires an annual salary of at least $90,000 excluding benefits and overtime pay. GaN has five years to ramp up to 193 total employees under the agreement.

GaN was incorporated in 2004. The company said on its website it has executed 35 prime contracts since its incorporation. Last year, GaN was awarded a $300 million blanket purchase agreement providing test and evaluation support services to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

An employee-owned company, GaN has locations in Texas, Florida, Arizona, New York, Georgia and Colorado.

“Our mission is to deliver innovative and superior technology solutions for our customers, nation and community,” GaN said on its website.

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