Italy fosters business development of Italian jewellery companies in the UAE

Dubai, UAE: Italy continues to look at the UAE as its major trade partner in the region, aiming to become the main export market for Italian jewellery. In the upcoming edition of bi-annual Watch and Jewellery Middle East Show in Sharjah on March 23-27, Italy seeks to boost prospects of the sector by highlighting its innovation and technology that drive its gold jewellery exports. The Italian showcase is complemented with a special Lounge, provided by the Italian Trade Agency, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  as a tool to support the 38 participating Italian jewelers.

Known for its finely detailed and artisanal gold jewellery, Italy currently ranks as the 3rd largest exporter of jewellery items to the UAE and continues to see an upsurge in exports pre and during the pandemic. With its 12% market share, Italy saw a 108% increase of exports worth more than 920 milion Euro in 2021 compared to the previous year; and a 10% increase compared to 2019.

Italy’s participation at the show is supported by The Italian Trade Agency, in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in the UAE, the Consulate General in Dubai, the Italian Confederation of Craft Traders and SMEs (CNA), and Center for Artistic and Traditional Crafts of Tuscany (ARTEX), which has been organising the Italian pavilion at Expo Centre Sharjah for 16 years, aims to protect, develop, innovate and promote artistic and traditional productions in Italy and in foreign markets.

“We come together to promote the beauty of Italy in all sectors. Providing 38 exhibitors with the Italian Jewellery Lounge will allow them to showcase extraordinary collections and meet like-minded prospects in the luxury market who value delicacy and fine craftsmanship. The Italian Trade Agency aims to promote the globalization of Italian SMEs and recognises business opportunities across the Emirates, its rising consumer spending, and its growing trade,” said Amedeo Scarpa, Italian Trade Commissioner to the UAE.

Amedeo Scarpa added: “The government of Italy implements stringent quality measures from sourcing raw materials to the development of end-products, setting the country apart in jewellery-making. These measures not only standardise the level of quality of Italian jewellery that meets international specifications, but also preserve the rich and diverse history of our culture and craftsmanship of goldsmiths who are the true catalysts of these impeccable standards. We are proud to present the line-up of master Italian jewellers at Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show who will present artisanal products that were manufactured based on ancestral wisdom mixed with modern technology,”

“It is our mandate to raise the profile of the Italian craft industry and over 621,000 members who employ over 1.2 million people. We do this by offering integrated services that provides assistance and innovative solutions that consequently help promote economic and social progress,” Antonio Franceschini, CNA Head of International Market and Trade Promotion Office.

The Italian Jewellery Lounge is located at Hall 4  in Expo Centre Sharjah. Admission and parking are free at the Watch & Jewellery Show on March 23-27 from 2pm – 10pm, except on Friday from 3pm – 10pm.

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About Italian Trade Agency – ITA

The Italian Trade Agency is the Government agency which promotes the globalization of Italian firms, under the aegis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ITA helps to develop, facilitate and promote Italian economic and trade relations with foreign countries, focusing on the needs of SMEs, their associations and partnerships. ITA sustains Italian firms in their internationalization process, promoting the marketing of Italian goods and services as well as the image of “Made in Italy” products around the world, while facilitating outward Italian investments and encouraging FDI attraction into Italy. ITA provides information, support and consultancy services to Italian companies on foreign markets, in order to foster exports and economic cooperation in all sectors, with the objective of increasing the effectiveness of their presence on international markets. ITA works closely with the Italian Regions, the network of Italian Chambers of Commerce, business organizations and other public and private entities. ITA’s headquarters are based in Rome and it works through a large network of offices around the world which are acknowledged as “Trade Promotion Offices” of the Embassies or Consulates of Italy.

Italian exhibitors at Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show:

1) Aliberti, booth  4-819

2) All Gold Jewels, booth 4-911

3) Angeletti 1940, booth 4-924

4) Auri Tempore Gioielli, booth 4-918

5) Bella Gioia Argento Italiano, booth 4-824

6) Beltrami Ori e Preziosi, booth 4-824

7) Blue White Group, booth 4-902

8) Bruno Aristi, booth 4-922

9) Carlo Barberis, booth 4-817

10) Collaro, booth 4-901

11) Fabio Fanfani, booth 4-910

12) FerrariFirenze, booth 4-917  4-915  4-916

13) Garavelli 1920 Italy, booth  4-818

14) Generoso Gioielli 1970, booth 4-825

15) Giloro, booth  4-926

16) Giovanni Ferraris, booth 4-802

17) Gival by Silma, booth 4-920

18) Hasbani, booth 4-800

19) Istanboulli Gioielli, booth 4-810

20) Italbest, booth 4-813

21) Italian Vintage Jewellery, booth 4-822

22) Leonori, booth 4-820

23) Luca Carati, booth  4-801

24) Luvor, booth 4-811

25) Marchisio 1859, booth  4-821

26) Maskada Gioielli, booth 4-823

27) Nardelli Gioielli, booth  4-913

28) Nieddu, booth 4-919

29) Noi Gioielli, booth 4-812

30) Novecentonovantanove, booth 4-816

31) Oro Trend Italy, booth 4 -921

32) Pino Manna Design Jewellery, booth 4-822

33) Roberto Casarin, booth 4-902

34) Salvatore Collaro, booth  4-803

35) Sicis Jewels, booth  4-815

36) Stanoppi Italy, booth 4-912

37) Tessitore 1888, booth 4-903

38) Vanessa Gioielli, booth 4-900

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