Meet Mohd Talib And Learn From His Powerful Strategy For Business Development

Mohd Talib has had the itch for entrepreneurship since a young age. Now, the serial entrepreneur and social media influencer is using top social media platforms to grow his business. Harnessing social media such as instagram and facebook for business growth is a powerful strategy to generate new leads, raise awareness,and drive website traffic.

According to him, the reason social media is important to business heads is because it allows them to put their brands out there while implementing strategies,measuring outcomes and,ultimately, influencing their target audience to act in a certain manner.

Mohd Talib is an influencer with over a lakh followers on instagram. He has the capacity and capability to influence people for starting their own business. He guides people on start-up ideas and thats what stands out from the crowd of influencers. He says he even had the chance to enhance his own business through his social media out reach.

Mohd Talib as a serial entrepreneur owns a pharmaceutical distribution and manufacturing company -TJ Pharma. 

He is involved in real estate and construction business too. Also, he works as a digital marketer in his free time. He manages promotional activities for big brands and new startups. 

His education plays a key role in his success story. It helps him to chose his field and take appropriate decisions. Mohd Talib is a qualified pharmacist holding a diploma in pharmacy. He had a keen interest in pursuing advance courses like digital marketing. Now that he has completed digital marketing course. He is planning for master’s degree.

‘I believe that education brings you ideas, ideas that will get you success,’ he said.

Who you follow on social media says a lot about how you want to change as a person. If you are looking for someone who have something to say about life ,its purpose and success then you must follow Mohd Talib on instagram.  @mohd.talib7866

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