‘The Batman’ is Here to Help the Global Box Office With $110 Million Opening Friday

It is finally opening weekend for Matt Reeves’ highly anticipated The Batman and so far it is off to a killer start at the box office. The film has already grossed $57 million on Friday and is on track for an impressive domestic opening weekend of $120-130 million, but now the international box office numbers for this superhero epic are starting to come in, and they are just as good. According to Deadline, the latest Batman big-screen adventure has made $54 million through Friday in 74 global markets and is speeding towards an international opening weekend total of over $110 million.

The film started its international run early this past Tuesday in Korea before expanding to 73 more markets on Friday. In that market alone it made $26 million so far on 30,218 screens. On top of that, Korea has added $3.52 million to that current total on Saturday which is impressive given that they are currently dealing with an Omicron variant spike.


Other notable markets include the UK where the film has made $6.4 million as of Friday which is also its second-highest opening day since the pandemic began. If you include previews, then it bumps that number up to $6.7 million and this gross is ahead of films like Joker, The Dark Knight, and the recent Sci-Fi epic Dune. However, we all know by now that Dune was severely hindered by its HBO Max/theatrical same day and date release from WB.

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Spain also is off to a good start with $1.2 million on 1,103 screens and that is on par with The Dark Knight and nearly double the opening of Dune. Like the UK, this is the second-biggest opening day for the region during the pandemic. Other highlights include The Batman making $5.2 million in Mexico, $4.6 million in Brazil, $4.4 million in France, and $4 million in Australia.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, these numbers are another great sign that the box office and theaters are getting back on track. Like Spider-Man: No Way Home and No Time to Die before it, this is also a sign that people still are willing to go to the movies to see these high profile films even though more and more films are going straight to streaming. However, arguably the most important thing to take away from this is that when you have a perfect storm in a movie that had an extremely memorable marketing campaign, great reviews and audience reaction, and is just a good movie in general, people will always pick quality over the number of endless options on an average streaming service.

The Batman was such a unique experience that read like it was a 3 hour romantically gripping crime novel, and it is showing so far in the box office. These international numbers are a stark reminder that The Dark Knight is a global pop culture icon and, given the 3-hour length leading to less possible showtimes, these numbers should only be seen as a shining success. Due to all this, this is probably going to be the next billion-dollar blockbuster and for all the latest box office numbers for The Batman, stick with Collider.

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