The Russia-Ukraine War: Russian Troops Move Into Nuclear Plant

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Friday warned that fighting in Ukraine would only intensify as Russia sends in additional troops to reinforce its invasion.

“This is the worst military aggression in Europe in decades, with cities under siege, schools, hospitals and residential buildings shelled, reckless actions around a nuclear power plant last night,” Mr. Stoltenberg said after an emergency meeting of the alliance’s foreign ministers.

“The days to come are likely to be worse,” he added. “With more death, more suffering and more destruction as Russian armed forces bring in heavier weaponry and continue their attacks across the country.”

North Atlantic Treaty Organization members would provide additional weapons to support Ukraine, he said, without providing details.

But Mr. Stoltenberg also pushed back against some calls for NATO to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine to slow the fighting. “Allies agreed we should not have NATO planes operating over Ukrainian airspace or NATO troops on Ukrainian territory,” he told reporters.

“NATO is not seeking a war with Russia,” he said, adding, “We will not be part of the conflict.”

Mr. Stoltenberg reiterated Western demands that Russian President Vladimir Putin order his troops to cease the fighting, withdraw his country’s military from Ukraine, and engage in “genuine diplomacy.”

The effects of the invasion will be enduring, he warned, adding, “NATO’s relationship with Russia has changed for the long term.”

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