ThetaRay AI Tech Enables Financial Institutions and Regulators to Identify Illicit

Integrated Transaction Monitoring/Screening System Ensures Safe Cross-Border Transfers, Preventing Violations of Sanctions Imposed on Russia Following Ukraine Invasion

NEW YORK, TEL AVIV, and LONDON, March 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ThetaRay, provider of AI-powered financial transaction monitoring technology to protect banks and fintechs against financial crimes, today announced that its system can identify sophisticated attempts to circumvent economic and trade sanctions and help governments and financial institutions maintain smooth and uninterrupted correspondent banking activities.

Following last week’s Ukraine invasion, the US, UK, and other Western democracies imposed severe economic and trade sanctions on Russia, requiring financial institutions to be equipped with tools to enforce the measures without interrupting the business activities of innocent people. ThetaRay’s monitoring and screening solution empowers financial institutions and governments to identify both manual and cyber-automated attempts to violate these sanctions.

ThetaRay’s solution monitors global cross-border payments by analyzing SWIFT traffic, risk indicators and client data to detect suspicious activities across complex, cross-border transaction paths — including the use of shell people and companies. It also screens transactions for financial activity by individuals who have been placed on sanctions lists.

“ThetaRay’s technology enables unhindered flow of global payments by organizations and peoples while preventing money transfers by sanctioned totalitarian regimes and criminals,” said Erel Margalit, founder and chairman of JVP and chairman of ThetaRay’s board of directors. “Instead of blocking entire countries and economies, it can block only illegitimate sources. This system can fortify SWIFT because it can safeguard transfer of funds to legitimate people. The ThetaRay system is the answer for NATO countries and the West to enforce sanctions on Russia.”

The ThetaRay SaaS solution for transaction monitoring and screening can be quickly and easily integrated, with minimal adaptation required.

“In today’s reality, the ThetaRay solution is something every bank and financial institution needs in order to ensure full participation in the global payment and monetary system,” said Mark Gazit, CEO of ThetaRay. “By deploying intuitive AI, the ThetaRay system can tackle sophisticated money laundering schemes, terror financing and enforcement of global regulatory sanctions without harming ongoing financial activities.”

About ThetaRay:

ThetaRay’s groundbreaking, AI-powered SONAR transaction monitoring solution, based on “artificial intelligence intuition,” allows banks and fintechs to expand their business opportunities through safe and reliable cross-border payments. The groundbreaking solution also improves customer satisfaction, reduces compliance costs, and increases risk coverage. ThetaRay’s technology is the only SaaS offering that analyzes SWIFT traffic, risk indicators and client/payer/payee data to detect anomalies indicating money laundering activity across complex, cross-border transaction paths in a single unified platform. Financial organizations that rely on highly heterogeneous and complex ecosystems benefit greatly from ThetaRay’s unmatchable low false positive rates and high detection rate.

Contact: Mark Prindle, Fusion PR,, +1 (917) 517-4091



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