New business in Wellsburg focused on boosting mental wellness

STRESS RELIEVERS — Among several at metaStone, a new Wellsburg business aimed at helping people relieve stress, are, from left: DeeAnn Greene, co-owner; Shari Jo Watkins, Heather Tokas, co-owner; and Kylie McPherson. (Photo by Warren Scott)

WELLSBURG — A new Wellsburg business brings together a variety of approaches aimed at relieving stress and boosting mental wellness.

Heather Tokas and DeeAnn Greene, owners of metaStone at 720 Charles St., said several area residents with skills ranging from yoga to the arts will be working under one roof to help people feel better in various ways.

Formerly the home of Cindy’s Fusion Fitness and A Child’s Place CASA, the location will be the site of sessions of yoga, meditation and massage therapy as well as lesser known practices such as sound and light therapy; reflexology, which involves applying pressure to the hands and feet; and Reiki, a Japanese technique using gentle touch in an effort to relieve stress.

Tokas said there also are plans to offer lessons in music, art and interpretive dance.

She added Shari Jo Watkins, a motivational speaker, who will be presenting four-week programs on such topics as overcoming childhood issues and limiting beliefs, using self-talk to reshape thinking and alternative therapies for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Also slated to offer their services at metaStone will be Devin Ashmore, Alicia Dunlevy, Jennifer Kokosinski, Kylie McPherson, Michelle Molnard and Carri Welsh.

Greene said she envisions metaStone hosting many seminars.

There also are a variety of herbal soaps and teas and jewelry for sale at metaStone.

Tokas said the business’ name is derived from the idea that each person encounters a series of stepping stones in his or her path toward spiritual healing.

As fellow survivors of breast cancer, Tokas and Greene said they hope to help others deal with whatever stress they are encountering.

Tokas said there are plans to invite people working in law enforcement, social work, education and other high-stress fields to gather at metaStone for informal support meetings.

“So many people are hurting but they’re hurting silently and by themselves and don’t know how to talk to others about it,” she said.

For information about metaStone, call (304) 678-9021 or visit its Facebook page at metaStone: A Healing Group.

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