Huawei and China Mobile Hebei bring 5G New Calling to vertical sectors | Light Reading

Recently, China Mobile Hebei upgraded their core network and streamline 5G New Calling’s E2E enterprise service process. Based on China Mobile’s enterprise standards, China Mobile Hebei was the first to deliver 5G New Calling to vertical industries, setting a benchmark for the application of 5G New Calling in other sectors.

Bank of Hebei is the first to utilize 5G New Calling in its customer services. By integrating 5G New Calling into its customer service process, the bank has greatly improved its service handling efficiency and customer satisfaction.

For instance, Bank of Hebei introduced 5G New Calling’s visual menu. Now, when a customer calls the customer service hotline, the customer no longer has to listen to all the audio instructions given by an automated attendant to reach the service they need. Instead, a service menu is displayed on the customer’s screen to allow the customer to view all the options and choose the one they need much quicker. This enables banks to do away with the conventional but complex interactive voice-response (IVR) and halve customers’ waiting time.

In addition, Bank of Hebei implemented functions like video CLIP (Call Line Identifier Presentation) and screen sharing. When the customer service personnel calls a customer, Bank’s own video CLIP is displayed on the customer’s screen, which can help improve the enterprise image and the call answer rate. During the call, the customer service personnel can share a document on the screen and annotate the document to better help the customer and improve communication efficiency.

Meanwhile, China Mobile Hebei is piloting 5G New Calling in network installation and maintenance. When a network issue is too complex to describe over a conventional audio or video call, 5G New Calling comes into its element. With 5G New Calling’s efficient communication features, users can troubleshoot network issues under the remote guidance of engineers, greatly improving the users’ service satisfaction. Moreover, 5G New Calling facilitates remote collaboration during the ongoing pandemic.

China Mobile Hebei and Huawei jointly implemented the first innovative application of 5G New Calling, laying a solid foundation for the development of 5G New Calling and accumulating valuable experience for large-scale rollout of subsequent services across China. Huawei will continue to work with China Mobile Hebei to promote 5G New Calling and harness 5G New Calling to help more enterprises achieve business success.

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