Downtown Rock Island district about to undergo major redesign and renovation

Outdoor dining spaces will be installed along with enhanced lighting, small park areas with trees, seating and repainted pedestrian crosswalks. 

“When the Chamber started its partnership with the city in terms of providing place management services last spring, it was communicated to us that the plaza was the priority of the council,” Cullen said. “That’s how this all began. I would say the plaza is the core focus area, but the improvements will definitely expand out from there.

“We have a downtown Rock Island steering committee that has helped guide these plans. We surveyed business owners and property owners on or adjacent to the plaza and all of them agreed that it needed to be updated and modernized. It’s 50 years old. But the majority of them wanted to see it continue as a pedestrian mall and plaza.”

The renovation and activation of Arts Alley in the 1700 block of 2nd Avenue will feature works by local artists, events, new murals, pop-up vendor stalls, street performance spaces and interactive art installations.

The Arts Alley will be an extension of the pedestrian area off of the Great River Plaza and will include an overhead art installation. 

In terms of streetscaping throughout the downtown area, new landscaping, signage and security cameras will be installed. Plans are in place to replace lamp posts with ones that match some of the existing black lamp posts already installed in portions of the city. 

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