News Direct Announces OTC Pricing Updates That Are Easy for CFO’s to Love.

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News Direct today announced significant pricing and service updates for OTC Markets companies that are sure to warm the hearts of OTC CFO’s everywhere during these cold winter months. Details can be found within the News Direct profile in the OTC Markets Premium Provider Directory. The update highlights a new, highly attractive flat rate structure for all OTC Market traded companies that is simple, affordable and transparent.

For U.S. issuers, News Direct now offers a $7,500 unlimited annual subscription package that enables all companies traded on any of the OTC Market tiers to distribute an uncapped amount of news releases and multimedia assets for one year, for that single flat rate.

The distribution satisfies U.S. fair disclosure requirements and includes dissemination to a comprehensive network of media, online news sites and vertical press that is the equal of any major legacy newswire. Distribution of everything from financial results to multimedia assets are included in the package.

Similarly, for dual-traded U.S.-Canada companies, News Direct is offering an unlimited package price of $10,000 for North America (U.S. and Canada) distribution. The U.S. distribution portion of the package is identical to the $7,500 offering but adds full Canadian nationwide distribution to all major Canadian media and online sites, including disclosure media.

This groundbreaking pricing advantage is merely the pot of gold at the end of an extensive rainbow of numerous exclusive features offered by News Direct that revolutionizes the process of financial disclosure and distribution for OTC companies.

This begins with SimpliFi, News Direct’s proprietary earnings distribution tool. SimpliFi’s self-directed workflow enables the uploading and distribution of financial results literally within minutes, rather than the tedious hours it requires with legacy providers. Issuers maintain complete control over pre-market results from within our encrypted Content Studio, never needing to share sensitive information with third-party newswire editors. Optional, and complimentary, 24/7 access to our deeply experienced Customer Success team via Live Chat or phone/video conferencing is available for those needing assistance, as is a collaboration function enabling stakeholders to securely interact within the platform.

Another exclusive feature offered by News Direct is the Equity Impact Report, which provides key market data detailing the impact of each announcement across the most relevant metrics of a company’s share performance in real-time. It covers value, volume, volatility, peer activity and relative performance and even enables companies to track the impact of its own announcements against the share performance of peers and competitors. The report is dynamically updated over a 90-day period.

“News Direct understands that to stand out to investors in a crowded field, OTC issuers must leverage the same sophisticated distribution tools as their larger counterparts traded on major exchanges, but often lack the financial resources of these deeper pocketed entities. News Direct solves this dilemma by offering them use of the world’s most technologically advanced distribution platform for an extremely affordable, predictable flat annual rate. In essence, the absolute best of both worlds.”, noted Gregg Castano, Founder and CEO of News Direct.

About News Direct

News Direct provides news and content distribution for PR, IR, Corporate Communications and Marketing professionals. Our automated platform delivers a completely reimagined, intuitive workflow, industry-leading security, transparent, flat-rate pricing and actionable analytics. Further, News Direct has deployed an array of innovation including advanced automation, isolation cloud technology and custom software for the most dynamic, efficient and flexible platform available today. To learn more visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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