Fullpower®-AI Announces New VP of Business Development, Dr. Silvia Veronese

She was also a co-founder of several startups in AI, Network data traffic, and high-frequency trading. At IBM, she worked on the design of the first parallel computer. In addition, Dr. Veronese was a research professor of mathematics at the University of Utah. In 2019, the Silicon Valley Review Magazine nominated Dr. Veronese as one of the 30 Best Leaders to watch, and CIO Magazine selected Dr. Veronese as one of the most inspirational Women in Tech.

She holds a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Pavia, Italy, and an MBA in Management of Technologies from the University of Utah.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to work with legendary technology visionary, inventor, CEO Philippe Kahn, and the stellar Fullpower®-AI team,” said Dr. Veronese. “I believe Fullpower-AI is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the changing IoT environment. As the industry evolves through innovation, consolidation, and technology migrations, Fullpower’s IP leads to provide a cost-effective and timely suite of Platforms as a Service AI-biosensing solutions and services to help manage the most data-intensive biomedical applications.”

“Welcome, Dr. Veronese; your expertise adds exceptional talent to Fullpower-AI’s stellar team,” said Philippe Kahn, founder, and CEO of Fullpower®-AI. “We look forward to more innovation and success together, developing new opportunities in the medical and wellness markets for the Fullpower®-AI Biosensing PaaS.”

Fullpower®-AI delivers a complete B2B platform for AI-powered algorithms, remote contactless biosensing together with end-to-end engineering services. Fullpower’s platform is vetted and deployed as a PaaS, backed by a patent portfolio of 130+ patents. Fullpower’s key areas of expertise include contactless biosensing, remote monitoring, and non-invasive sleep technology. Fullpower’s B2B PaaS customers are in medical solutions, remote-contactless biosensing, bedding solutions, wearable, and wellness services.

For more information, visit www.fullpower-AI.com.

Please contact [email protected].

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